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"Life is short, and your time for learning and creativity is limited. Without any guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge and practice from various sources. Instead, you must follow the example set by masters throughout the ages and find the proper mentor. The mentor-protégé relationship is the most efficient and productive form of learning. The right mentors know where to focus your attention and how to challenge you. Their knowledge and experience become yours. They provide immediate and realistic feedback on your work, so you can improve more rapidly. Through an intense person-to-person interaction, you absorb a way of thinking that contains great power and can be adapted to your individual spirit. Choose the mentor who best fits your needs and connects to your Life's Task. Once you have internalized their knowledge, you must move on and never remain in their shadow. Your goal is always to surpass your mentors in mastery and brilliance."

ROBERT GREENE - From the book Mastery



Since 2017, Marcus Walfridson has been helping coaches all over the world with their personal and professional development.


He has mentored coaches on all levels, from professional coaches at the top level to young coaches just starting out their careers. 

I was so eager to improve my coaching and sought guidance. Meeting Marcus changed everything for me, you immediately see how passionate he is about helping coaches improve. Working with Marcus, has helped me step out my comfort zone and improve my coaching, the way I view football and the way I approach coaching has improved massively with the mentoring.

Vince Laleau

FCM Member since May 2019

As a coach it is very easy sometimes to become insular with your ideas and the way your program operates. Working with Marcus this off-season gave our program that insight and so much more. I was able to present our plans to Marcus in the areas of periodazation, culture building, and tactics and in turn received in-depth and detailed feedback and rationale on those items.

Robert C. Nydick


FC Mentoring has provided me the opportunity to reflect on my coaching performances. Marcus has great attention to detail, and maximizes the effectiveness of your coaching.

Jamie Hutchison

FCM Member since May 2019



  • Your own personal mentor(s)

    It can be difficult to find a mentor to help you improve your coaching. We will give you access to not only one expert, but also a community that can work as your mentor. 

  • Asking the questions

    Have you been to a coaching course and asked a questions receiving the answer "Do whatever you want"? We are here to solve that problem, ask the how questions in the Monthly Live Mentoring Session.

  • Discuss with your colleagues 

    Finally a place where you can discuss coaching and everything related to Football Periodisation with likeminded coaches who understand what you are talking about!

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  • Monthly Live Mentoring Session

    The Monthly Live Mentoring session is the heart of the FCM community and takes place once a month. For each session there is a specific topic that will be discussed so that you can choose to either participate in the Hot Seat - being coached on the topic yourself - or prepare yourself to ask high quality questions. In all of the session there is an open Q&A at the end where all different types of coaching questions are answered. Throughout the sessions the interaction and participation of FCM members is high and qualitative. 

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  • The FCM Community

    Discuss coaching with likeminded colleagues who understand what you are talking about. In the FCM Community the discussions are ongoing with coaches who are reflecting on practice or trying out new concepts. Use the power of group knowledge to improve your coaching and expand your network.  

  • Personal Mentoring

    Take the next step in your personal development and schedule Personal Mentoring sessions. You can choose the time and the day that's available in his busy schedule to setup the session at the perfect time for you. In between your mentoring sessions you can bounce e-mails back and fourth on the topic you're working on and get tips for how to take advantage of your situation. 

  • Bonus Material

    Not only are there video clips and interviews with top experts that you get for free as a member of Football Coach Mentoring. You also have access to special prices and free trials for different tools that might be exactly what you need to improve your coaching! 

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